Hoop Vinyasa seamlessly weaves together two magical forms of meditation and joy: hula hoop dance and vinyasa yoga. While there are many ways to combine hoopdance and yoga, hoop vinyasa blends both in a unique flow.

This practice builds on vinyasa sequences in new ways — wherein hoops become tools for alignment and self-adjustment for the physical yoga (asana) practice, and the spinning movement of the hoop becomes a way to dive deeper into the meditative focus (dharana) that is another key limb of yoga.

We use yoga-based techniques to warm our muscles and connect with our breath, and hoop tricks to release fears and connect with our inner child. In each playshop, we build an asana sequence and series of hoop moves through which we can dive deeper.

In the Hoop Vinyasa practice, a hoop becomes a tool for a stronger physical and mental yoga practice, and yoga becomes a tool for greater control and balance in hooping.

Our playshops are limited to a small number of participants to create an intimate environment with personal attention; unless a particular playshop indicates otherwise, all are open to all levels of students.

Play with intention.