Teacher Training

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Our 2014 Teacher Trainings have not yet been scheduled. Please join our email list (above) or contact us if you would like to be a part of the next Teacher Training!

Hoop Vinyasa is an exciting fusion of hoop dance and vinyasa yoga that has been featured in Yoga Journal and the New York Times. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the first-ever Hoop Vinyasa Teacher Training, with the goal of providing you with the tools to develop Hoop Vinyasa classes and workshops in your own area.

Hoop Vinyasa Teacher Training will offer skills and insights to further develop your own practice, both as a hooper and a yogi/yogini. The techniques will not only help you create Hoop Vinyasa classes and workshops, but may offer insight to your teachings in a traditional yoga or vinyasa setting. Specific modules of the Teacher Training include:

  • Philosophy of yoga – how do hoops fit in?
  • Hoop techniques… and how to teach them
  • Hoop as a static tool for alignment and strengthening
  • Hoop as a flowing tool for concentration and focus
  • Accessing “menu” of Hoop Vinyasa techniques and poses – and developing new ideas
  • Sample flows – learning what works as you develop your own flows
  • Class and workshop planning

Hoop Vinyasa Teacher Certification will be available to all students who complete the Teacher Training, including passage of a written and practical exam. As a member of the first cohort of teacher trainees, you will have the opportunity to help the evolution of this practice unfold, while expanding your reach and exposure as a teacher. You can take advantage of Hoop Vinyasa’s national media attention and the budding following it has developed, while helping to develop a robust community around this practice. You will be included on the Hoop Vinyasa website with a bio page and class listings, and have access to class and workshop descriptions, sample classes, and private teacher discussion groups.

Please prepare your application by answering the following questions and submit via email to info@hoopvinyasa.com. Our hope is to use this process to get a better understanding of you and your background, but we do not expect this process to be restrictive and do not need very formal responses.

  1. Yoga teaching certification if applicable (Yoga Alliance 200-hour or equivalent preferred)
  2. Video of short (1 – 3 minute) hoop demo – This can be informal, and we welcome you to either post it online or email us for instructions to send us a file.
  3. Describe your background and preferred style in hooping.
  4. Describe your background and preferred style in yoga.
  5. How did you come into each hooping and yoga?
  6. How does hooping inform your yoga practice? Vice versa?
  7. How long have you been teaching yoga? For how long or how regularly?
  8. Do you teach or perform hooping? For how long or how regularly?
  9. How did you hear about Hoop Vinyasa and our teacher training program?