Gem Geyser

Gem_250x320Gem Geyser
Based in Connecticut

Gem (aka: Meg) is a lifelong artist who has always been innately drawn to spirals and circles. She picked up her first hoop in 2008 and has been obsessed with hooping ever since. Gem has taught and/or performed hoopdance at fairs, yoga retreats, drum circles and festivals throughout New England, and was the first hooper in Connecticut to develop hoopdance workshops for yoga studios.

Gem has been a devoted yoga practitioner since 2007. While she enjoys all forms of yoga, she is particularly fond of Vinyasa flow. Gem can’t imagine her life without yoga and hooping, and she’s excited to share her love and passion for both of these healing movement meditation practices as a teacher of Hoop Vinyasa.  Her classes are designed to facilitate confidence, playfulness, and joy while generating a sense of self-acceptance and peace.

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