Jewels Ziff Sint, Hoop Vinyasa Co-Founder


Julie (Jewels) Ziff Sint, RYT
Based in New York, NY

Jewels has always led a multifaceted life, balancing a career in the nonprofit sector, circus arts performance, and yoga… and through the creation of hoop vinyasa, Jewels combines two loves.

As a vinyasa yoga instructor, she teaches long and playful sequences,emphasizing body awareness to promote alignment and balance. To each class, she brings her playful attitude and an emphasis on alignment-oriented vinyasa flow, her enjoyment of muscle-shaking sweatiness and calm mental bliss. As an experienced circus arts performer and instructor, Jewels has taught hoop dance to adults and children in a variety of formal and informal settings, and has performed in venues ranging from nightclubs to garden parties.

Jewels completed her yoga teacher training at Sankalpah Yoga Studio with Isaac Pena, Jude English, and Mary Dana Abbott. Her classes combine her most valued learnings from each of them as well as other important teachers in her life.

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