Jewels Ziff Sint, Hoop Vinyasa Co-Founder


Julie (Jewels) Ziff Sint, RYT
Based in New York, NY

Jewels has always led a multifaceted life, balancing a career in the nonprofit sector, circus arts performance, and yoga… and through the creation of hoop vinyasa, Jewels combines two loves.

As a vinyasa yoga instructor, she teaches long and playful sequences,emphasizing body awareness to promote alignment and balance. To each class, she brings her playful attitude and an emphasis on alignment-oriented vinyasa flow, her enjoyment of muscle-shaking sweatiness and calm mental bliss. As an experienced circus arts performer and instructor, Jewels has taught hoop dance to adults and children in a variety of formal and informal settings, and has performed in venues ranging from nightclubs to garden parties.

Jewels completed her yoga teacher training at Sankalpah Yoga Studio with Isaac Pena, Jude English, and Mary Dana Abbott. Her classes combine her most valued learnings from each of them as well as other important teachers in her life.

More at www.flamingjewel.com.

Sandhi Gayatri Devi Ferreira, Hoop Vinyasa Co-Founder

Sandhi_250x320Sandhi Gayatri Devi Ferreira, E-YRT
Based in New York, NY

Sandhi has been practicing Yoga for the past 16 years and is an advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher. She discovered the art of hoop dance in 2004 and one year later began performing all over the U.S. and has toured Europe performing with DJ Princess Superstar. All of her classes are woven with playful intention whether she’s teaching yoga, hula hooping or even aerial acrobatics.

To find out more you can visit her on www.facebook.com/aerialyogi.

Liana Cameris, Hoop Vinyasa Co-Founder

Liana_250x320Liana Cameris, E-RYT
Based in Philadelphia, PA

Over 15 years ago when her mom handed her a yoga video to help heal a fractured lumbar, Liana’s dedication to daily asana practice for three months convinced her of yoga’s incredible healing power. Since then, her relationship with yoga morphed and evolved in different ways until 2005, when her desire to deepen her practice led her to get certified through Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia, PA.

A practitioner, teacher, and performer for over a decade, her practice is a magical balance of discipline and playfulness – a medley of yoga, hoop dance, fire arts, mountain biking, and music. Liana has an uncanny ability to gently encourage the beginner student, challenge the seasoned practitioner, and inspire a loving and deep spirit connection.

Her dynamic classes and personal practice are influenced by the incredible teachers she has studied with over the years, such as Sri Andrei Ram, Kofi Busia, Simon Park, Dhyana D’Amato, Marni Sclaroff, Renata Gregori, and Sue & Naime Jezzeney, to name a few.  She teaches at festivals, events, private and group classes, and recently took her passion abroad to the Peruvian Amazon where she taught for several months while working with plant medicine.

You can learn more and connect with Liana on her website.

Michelle Nayeli Bouvier

Michelle-Nayeli_250x320Michelle Nayeli Bouvier, E-RYT 500+
Based in San Francisco, CA

Michelle is a Prana VinyasaTM E-RYT 500 yoga instructor, Hoopdance pioneer, Level II Certified AcroYoga teacher and Thai Massage Monkey devoted to the art and science of embodiment. A lifelong dancer-scientist-yogini-mystic, yoga found Michelle at age 15 and transformed her world. Blessed with a diverse background of movement training, yoga styles, and close to 4000 hours of advanced training, Michelle has taught yoga full-time since 2002, at studios, conferences, festivals and retreats, including Wanderlust, Yoga Rocks the Butte, Divine Play AcroYoga Festival, Bhakti Fest, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, High Sierra Music Festival, Hoop Camp, Hoop Convergence, Sacred Circularities and more.

Based in San Francisco, CA, Michelle maintains a private practice specializing in customized, prescriptive yoga, with a focus on supporting healthy, functional movement patterns, adaptability within the body-mind, and encouraging living in rhythm based on Ayurvedic principles. She is on the Teacher Training faculty of Danyasa Yoga ArtsTM, Shakti Yoga Shala, Hoop VinyasaTM, and an apprentice teacher trainer in Shiva Rea’s Samudra School of Living Yoga. She is the creator of Vinyasa of the Hoop (the west coast sister to Hoop Vinyasa ;-), and producer of EmBody Retreats, immersive training retreats that expand the definition of yoga and seek to empower practitioners to tune in to their innate intelligence, the root yogic teaching of Sahaja.

More about Michelle at:

Minty Atherton

Minty AthertonMinty Atherton

Based in Brooklyn, NY

Minty is a Hoop Revolution and Hoop Vinyasa certified teacher. With a background in long-distance running and triathlons, Minty’s formerly linear active lifestyle took a circular turn when she discovered HoopDance at Kripalu Yoga Center in 2011 and has been hooked ever since. With each spin of the hoop, Minty unlocked a freedom and joy that was transformational and connected her more clearly to her purpose. Her desire is to spread joy and self love to those seeking balance in their physical, mental and spiritual lives through the playful movement of Hoop Vinyasa.

Minty has performed with groups both large and small, and enjoys the vibrant and inclusive hoop dance community in New York City. Most recently, Minty directed, choreographed and performed in a Hoop Vinyasa showcase in Bryant Park to commemorate their 12th season of outdoor yoga. Learn more about Minty at her website: www.movemint.nyc



Gem Geyser

Gem_250x320Gem Geyser
Based in Connecticut

Gem (aka: Meg) is a lifelong artist who has always been innately drawn to spirals and circles. She picked up her first hoop in 2008 and has been obsessed with hooping ever since. Gem has taught and/or performed hoopdance at fairs, yoga retreats, drum circles and festivals throughout New England, and was the first hooper in Connecticut to develop hoopdance workshops for yoga studios.

Gem has been a devoted yoga practitioner since 2007. While she enjoys all forms of yoga, she is particularly fond of Vinyasa flow. Gem can’t imagine her life without yoga and hooping, and she’s excited to share her love and passion for both of these healing movement meditation practices as a teacher of Hoop Vinyasa.  Her classes are designed to facilitate confidence, playfulness, and joy while generating a sense of self-acceptance and peace.